Tuesday, August 09, 2005

'tis the season for CHANGE!

today i walked around with my ass showing. i forgot that the jeans i was wearing were the 'mend or throw away' pair. the FULL (but not particularly LONG) story can be read here

August is the month where I start a new chapter in my life. Coincidentally, so do most of my friends. Amber has moved to california to start her adult life as a highschool teacher. Ryan has moved to oregon with some girl he barely knows. Steve is going to chicago on the wings of his latest pipe dream, and my darling rossinator, my partner in crime, is moving to toronto to start his doctorate at university of toronto. My personal chapter isnt that exciting. I came home from england for the last time in the forseable future, leaving my sea-kingdom under the watchful eyes of wembley the seagull (south coast), the noble cliff-cows of devon (southwest coast) and the ghost of henry III (eastern coast). then i left my job at hungry howies to work at Borders. my boyfriend will finally be in the same timezone as me, and i start saving to go to japan next year. this is the mini-chapter that gets the wheels in motion for the BIG change that will come in two to three years.

I will be getting a new phone with camera so that i will soon be able to visually document my life. When ross and i head off in september to the sand dunes of my childhood kingdom, ill be sure to record it well. also, this new phone will allow me to text internationally. I'm talkin' to you, England.

once i graduate from Oakland University in a year, i shall be leaving the country for rossland, i.e. canada where i shall pursue a career in chiropratatroning. i cant even comprehend the joy ill feel when i can live with ross in my HOUSE, not just my heart.

And Ross...

i want a pomeranian and there's nothing you can do about it.


At 6:05 PM, Blogger Ross said...

If you're lucky you;ll get a pomeranian person. What's the point in texting England if I'm not there?

At 10:47 PM, Blogger Button said...

well, shlomo, i can text NICK and KATY and JONNY! i need to keep updated on how the jonster's cats are!

At 12:09 AM, Blogger Jonny Opinion said...

They're fine, thanks. Kieran has some eye drops now for his conjunctivitis, which have to be administered 4 times a day. He's not into that so much but it's for his own good. Both he and Olly were taken on a trip to the vet the other day: Kieran sat quite calmly on Libby's lap, unfazed by being in the same room as 6 or 7 enormous, excitable dogs. Olly stayed in the travel plastic basket and cowered. What a pussy.

Unless of course you meant some other Jonny with some other cats, in which case I just made a fool of myself. I couldn't ever really feel comfortable being known as "the jonster". It's the responsibility.

At 9:11 AM, Blogger ednz71eylane said...

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