Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Boarded up buildings=90% of Detroit.

*This may be offensive to some readers. However...everything that I said was completely in jest of Nikoletta's sheltered opinions. I assure you that I am NOT a grand wizard of the KKK, but I do find her statements highly amusing. So, if you have any issues...fuck off.

My friend Nikoletta just recently moved to America from Sydney, Australia. This is what she had to say about a recent experience with our 'urban' culture:

Nikoletta: dude i went to baltimore because i had to take this gay 3 hour drug and alcohol lesson for my licence

Nikoletta: and it was night time
Nikoletta: i got lost and ended up in the ghetto

Nikoletta: there were boarded up buildings
Nikoletta: and gangs of black children on the side of the road

Nikoletta: i made my taurus FLY
Nikoletta: in the other direction

Me: HAH! im from detroit. there are boarded up buildings and gangs of black children everywhere. haha. its just the way it is.

Nikoletta: i was so scared

Me: yeah they might steal your rims!

Nikoletta: i was like FUCK THEYRE GOING TO CAR JACK ME!